For Authors


  1. The scientific and theoretical journal "Kinematika і Fizika Nebesnykh Tel" (KFNT) publishes scientific articles on the following sections of astronomy and astrophysics: positional and theoretical astronomy, the Earth's rotation and geodynamics, space physics, extragalactic astronomy, the structure and dynamics of the Galaxy, the physics of stars and interstellar medium, the dynamics and physics of the bodies of the Solar System, solar physics, atmospheric optics and astroclimate, mathematical processing of astro information, tools and instruments, historical and astronomical research, reviews on current problems of astronomy.

Requirements for the execution and submission of manuscripts

  1. The following are submitted to the editorial office:
    • two copies of the original of the manuscript, typed in a large font (12...14 points) with an interline interval of 1.5 or more, printed on one side of each sheet. One copy is signed by all authors;
    • referral on the institution letterhead, signed by the head of the institution;