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Vidmachenko AP. About the time of radiation relaxation of the hydrogen-helium atmosphere, determined on the change in the activity factor of Jupiter’s hemispheres. Ukrainian. 2020 ;36(1):24-34.
Kozak LV, Petrenko BA, Kronberg EA, Grigorenko EE, Kozak PM, Reka KD. Changes of plasma parameters in Earth magnetosphere tail during substorm initialization. Ukrainian. 2020 ;36(2):82-96.
Wozniak W, Iskra K, Siluszyk M, Modzelewska R, Wolinski P, Seredyn T, Zienkiewicz T. The cone of acceptance and magnetic rigidity cutoff of galactic cosmic ray particles for different models of the International geomagnetic reference field from 1965-2015 in the Deblin airport, Poland. Ukrainian. 2020 ;36(1):85-96.
Fedorov YI. The cosmic ray distribution function on the initial stage of the solar proton event. Ukrainian. 2020 ;36(3):3-20.
Malovichko PP, Kyzyurov YV. Development of firehose instability of magnetosonic type in the presence of high-speed proton beams. Ukrainian. 2020 ;36(3):21-46.
Shchukina NG, Kostyk RI. Diagnostics of the velocity field of the quiet Sun using the lambda-meter method: the Si I λ 1082.7 nm line. Ukrainian. 2020 ;36(1):3-23.
Hnatyk R, Voitsekhovskyi V. Extremely high energy (E > 10.E20 eV) cosmic rays: potential sources. Ukrainian. 2020 ;36(3):47-68.
Kornienko YV, Lyashenko I, Pugach VV, Skuratovskiy SI. Fourier components phase accumulation in observation of an object with an orbital telescope. Ukrainian. 2020 ;36(1):68-84.
Loginov AA, Krivodubskij VN, Cheremnykh OK. Generation of the radial magnetic field of the Sun by global hydrodynamic flows. Ukrainian. 2020 ;36(2):20-33.