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1Fedorov YI. Cosmic ray distribution function under anisotropic particle scattering on magnetic field fluctuations. Russian. 2019 ;35(1):3-26.
1Khoda OO. Estimation of coordinates of the Eastern European permanent GNSS stations in the IGb08 Reference Frame for GPS weeks 1709-1933. Ukrainian. 2019 ;35(1):70-80.
1Osipov SN, 1Vasilyeva IE. Fraunhofer lines in the transition from the center to the limb of the solar disk. Russian. 2019 ;35(2):50-64.
1Kalinichenko NN, 1Olyak MR, 1Konovalenko AA, 2Brazhenko AI, 1Kuhai NV, 1Romanchuk AI. Large-scale structure of solar wind beyond Earth’s orbit reconstructed by using data of two-site interplanetary scintillation observations at decameter radio waves. Ukrainian. 2019 ;35(1):27-41.
1Kryshtal AN, 1Voitsekhovska AD, 1Gerasimenko SV. Low-frequency kinetic waves in plasmas of magnetic loops at the early stage of flare process in active region. Russian. 2019 ;35(3):3-33.
1Butkovskaya VV, 1Plachinda SI. Magnetic field of the Ap star 33 Lib: Study in different spectral lines. Russian. 2019 ;35(2):65-80.
1Pasechnik MN. Motion of the photospheric matter in the active region site with two Ellerman bombs. Russian. 2019 ;35(2):3-27.
1Ovsak AS. On the possible changes in the physical characteristics of the aerosol in the deep layers of the atmosphere of Saturn. Russian. 2019 ;35(1):42-56.
1Khalilov AM, 1Hasanova AR, 1Hajiyeva GM. The radial velocity variations of the Na I D lines for the high-latitude supergiant star 89 Her. Russian. 2019 ;35(3):67-80.