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Izotova IY, Izotov YI. Compact galaxies with active star formation from the SDSS data release 16: star formation rates based on the luminosities of forbidden emission lines in the optical range. 2023 ;39(1):37-48.
Lozitsky VG, Efimenko VM. Early forecast of maximum of 25th cycle of Solar activity. 2023 ;39(1):65-71.
Luo Y, 1Chernogor LF. Ionospheric effects of the Kamchatka meteoroid: GPS observations. Ukrainian. 2023 ;39(2):3-15.
Izotova IY, Izotov YI. LyC leaking galaxies: properties in the mid-infrared range based on the wise space telescope data. Ukrainian. 2023 ;39(2):34-46.
Khoda O, Yatsk, iv Y. The network of stations of the Crimean geodynamic site: local ties variations and their comparison with the values obtained in the ITRF2020 reference frame. Ukrainian. 2023 ;39(2):73-82.
Pulatova NG, Vavilova IB, Vasylenko AA, Ulyanov OM. Radio properties of the low-redshift isolated galaxies with active nuclei. Ukrainian. 2023 ;39(2):47-72.
Syniavskyi II, Danylevsky VO, Oberemok YA, Ivanov YS, Osypenko RS, Sosonkin MG, Milinevsky GP, Fesianov IV. Radiometric in-orbit calibration of the Aerosol-ua mission scanning polarimeter: technique, design elements, illumination angles. 2023 ;39(1):72-106.
Luo Y, 1Chernogor LF. Resonance electromagnetic effect of the Kamchatka meteoroid. 2023 ;39(1):3-16.
Ishchenko M, 1Sobolenko M, 1Berczik P, Panamarev T. Statistical analysis of the probability of globular clusters interactions with each other and with the galactic centre according to Gaia DR2 data on the cosmological time scale. 2023 ;39(1):49-64.