The Kyiv meridian axial circle with a new CCD camera

1Karbovsky, VL, 1Lazorenko, PF, 1Andruk, VM, Kleshchonok, VV, Lytvyn, MO, Bogatyrjov, KO, Denisjuk, OV
1Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Start Page: Instruments and Devices
Language: Ukrainian

We give characteristics of the new CCD camera «Apogee Alta U47» installed at the Kyiv meridian axial circle (MAC). The camera is based on the 1024*1024 pxl e2v CCD47-10 with a pixel size of 13*13 mkm. Observations are performed in scan-drift mode with an effective exposure time of 77 s for equatorial stars. The MAC photometric system is close to Johnson's V band and the MAC lim iting magnitude V is 17. The test observations obtained in 2009 show that the precision of positions and of V magnitudes is about 0.1" and 0.09 m, respectively, for reference stars of the «Tycho 2» catalogue. The telescope is used for observations of equatorial stars to determine their positions, proper motions and magnitudes.

Keywords: CCD camera, meridian axial circle, positional accuracy