Compilation of catalogues of star coordinates and proper motions using co-processing of archival photographic and modern CCD observations

1Protsyuk, YI, 1Martynov, MV, 1Mazhaev, AE, 1Kovylianska, OE, 1Protsyuk, SV, 2Andruk, VM
1Research Institute "Mykolaiv Astronomical Observatory", Mykolaiv, Ukraine
2Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Kinemat. fiz. nebesnyh tel (Online) 2014, 30(6):54-65
Start Page: Positional and Theoretical Astronomy
Language: Russian

A catalogue of star positions and proper motions in the areas around galactic open clusters was compiled at the Research Institute “Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory” (NAO). To create the catalogue, photographic observations obtained in the 20th century with the Zone Astrograph of the NAO (D = 11.6 cm, F = 2.04 m) and modern CCD observations obtained with the Mobitel telescope of the NAO (D = 50 cm, F = = 3 m, the Alta U9000 3056*3056 CCD camera) were used. The difference between two epochs is about 30 years. The initial processing of photographic images was carried out with the MIDAS/ROMAFOT package. CCD observations were processed with the use of Astrometrica software. The final data reduction and catalogue compilation were made using our own software. A catalogue of the first epoch (J1981.6) was compiled for about 900 thousand stars from 8m to 16m. A catalogue of the second epoch (J2012.2) was created for about 780 thousand stars from 9m to 17m. Using these two catalogues, a catalogue of positions, proper motions and magnitudes was compiled for about 700 thousand stars down to 17m. The accuracy of catalogue positions for both coordinates is ranged from 20 mas for the stars of 8—13m to 40 mas for the stars of 14—17m. The standard deviation of proper motions is about 5 mas/year for both coordinates. The standard deviation of photometric data is 0.04m in the Tycho 2 system. The catalogues were placed on the NAO site.

Keywords: catalog, CCD observations, Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory

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