Diagnostics of the solar atmosphere by non-LTE inverse method: Line of Ba II λ 455.403 nm

1Stodilka, MI, 1Prysiazhnyi, AI
1Astronomical Observatory of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine
Kinemat. fiz. nebesnyh tel (Online) 2016, 32(1):33-42
Start Page: Solar Physics
Language: Russian

We solved nonequilibrium radiative transfer inverse problem in the Ba II λ 455.403 nm line with the hyperfine structure and isotope splitting taken into account. Based on three-dimensional hydrodynamic model of the solar atmosphere, we performed a research to determine the diagnostic capabilities of the Ba II λ 455.403 nm line for studying the structure and dynamics of the solar atmosphere. It is shown that inverse technique used for the analysis of the observed Ba II λ 455.403 nm line allows to reproduce physical conditions in the photosphere and lower chromosphere layers (0 < h < 600 km) with a correlation coefficient of about 0.9.

Keywords: Ba II line, nonequilibrium radiative transfer, solar atmosphere

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