Problems of asteroid-comet hazard

1Medvedev, Y, 1Bondarenko, Y, 1Vavilov, D, 1Shor, V
1Institute of Applied Astronomy of RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia
Kinemat. fiz. nebesnyh tel (Online) 2016, 32(5):18-24
Start Page: Problems of Astronomy
Language: Russian

The most urgent challenges which arise when solving the problem of asteroid-comet hazard are considered. A review of works that carried out within this problem in the Institute of Applied Astronomy is given. At present, a project of creating an information center, whose tasks include the collection and processing of optical and radar observations of small Solar system bodies, the determination of their orbits and the estimation of the impact hazard of discovered bodies with the Earth, the Moon and the other major planets and their satellites is developing in the Institute.

Keywords: asteroid-comet hazard, estimation of the impact hazard, observations

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