Photographic observations of the Saturn’s moons in MAO NAS of Ukraine in 1961–1990

1Yizhakevych, OM, 1Andruk, VM, 1Pakuliak, LK
1Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Kinemat. fiz. nebesnyh tel (Online) 2017, 33(3):70-80
Start Page: Positional and Theoretical Astronomy
Language: Russian

Catalog of 1385 astrometric positions of the Saturn’s moons (S2-S9) was obtained with Tycho-2 as reference frame on the basis of photographic observations carried out in MAO NAS of Ukraine during 1961-1990. The digitizing of photographic negatives was done using Epson Expression 10000XL (ЕЕ) commercial scanner in a gray scale 16 bits with the resolution 1200 dpi. The reduction was carried out in the LINUX-MIDAS-ROMAFOT software supplemented with additional modules. The internal positional accuracy of the reduction is 0.09…0.23 arcsec for both coordinates, the photometric one is 0.27…0.37 mag for photographic magnitudes of Tycho-2 catalog. The calculated topocentric positions of moons were compared with the ephemeris data DE405+ TASS1,7 from IMCCE in on-line mode. For the most moons, the differential coordinates “satellite minus satellite” were derived from the comparison with theoretical data ( hmr.htm).

Keywords: catalog of astrometric positions, Saturn’s Moons

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