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1Wozniak W, 2Iskra K, 3Siluszyk M. The asymptotic directions of approach and the magnetic rigidity cutoff of cosmic ray particles for airports at different latitudes and longitudes. Ukrainian. 2022 ;38(6):25-42.
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Kaur B, Kumar S, Aggarwal R. Effects of viscosity and oblateness on the perturbed Robe’s problem with non-spherical primaries. Ukrainian. 2022 ;38(5):31-50.
1Fedorenko AK, 1Cheremnykh OK, Kryuchkov EI, Vlasov DI. Energy balance of evanescent acoustic-gravity waves. Ukrainian. 2022 ;38(4):17-28.
1Chernogor LF. Geomagnetic effect of the solar eclipse on June 10, 2021. Ukrainian. 2022 ;38(1):16-34.
Luo Y, 1Chernogor LF, Zhdanko YH. Geospace perturbations that accompanied rocket launches from the Baikonur cosmodrome. Ukrainian. 2022 ;38(6):3-24.
Al-Johani AS, Elsanhoury WH, Al-Juhani A, Al-Qadhi G, Al-Anazi M, Al-Balwi S, Al-Hamdi S, Al-Qahtani S, Al-Shehri W. Hyades kinematics and the relationship between galactic coordinates and its angular distance from the apex with GAIA EDR3. Ukrainian. 2022 ;38(5):21-30.