Spatial structure of gravity waves in the solar photosphere

1Stodilka, MI
1Astronomical Observatory of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine
Section: Solar Physics
Language: Russian

Using some results of observations in the Fe I line we reproduced spatial-time variations of the pressure in the solar photosphere. Local internal gravity waves (IGW) were extracted by the corresponding filtration. A procedure for the determination of phase velocities of IGW from 1D observations was developed. We determined horizontal and vertical projections of IGW phase velocities for various periods. It was shown that phase velocity is significantly reduced with a decrease of the gravity wave oscillation frequency. For gravity waves with periods from 5 to 60 min their horizontal wavelenghts are of the same order as granulation scales. Some dispersion properties of gravity waves were studied.

Keywords: photosphere, Sun, waves of gravitation