Some properties of strong dispersive Alfven waves. 3. Hydrodynamics (very low, intermediate and low pressure plasma)

1Malovichko, PP
1Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Section: Space Physics
Language: Russian

The behaviour of strong dispersive Alfven waves (SDAW) is investigated in hydrodynamic approximation, including inertial and kinetic Alfven waves, in very low, intermediate and low pressure astrophysical plasma. A new full solution is obtained. Our results are analyzed and compared with the results for the kinetic approach. It is shown that, as opposed to kinetic approach, in the framework of hydrodynamic one, in a very low, intermediate and low pressure plasma one general solution for SDAW can be obtained. In a very low damping region, kinetic and hydrodynamic solutions agree very well, but there are parameter regions where the solutions are essentially different. The influence of astrophysical environment parameters on the SDAW behaviour and properties is analyzed. All of the main wave characteristics, namely, dispersion, damping, polarization, density perturbation, charge density perturbation, are obtained. Their consideration is very importantfor observations and detection of these waves as well as for more correct understanding of the behaviour and role of such waves in various astrophysical processes of cosmic environment.

Keywords: Alfven waves, plasma